Top Hat Lecture App Reviews

90 add


It seemed ok at the start but now its really glitchy and often times does not load. I wouldnt want to use it again.

Course removal

Can you let users remove courses on the mobile app too?

Not worth the price


Improves class experience

Great product

Great app, but steep price

The app is fantastic; easy to use and very well designed, but to subscribe is expensive.


Detailed and instant way to participate as large groups

Great classroom experience

Lectures are engaging and interactive now. Looking forward to seeing where this app goes in 2015.


Used it for class attendance and it is neater and more organized than ever!

Cannot creat account

Cant create an account with the app, as it will not let me check off the box for "agreement with terms and conditions etc..."

In need of a lot of improvement, especially since must pay to use.

Considering that students pay for subscription and use, all these problems are just shameful. -cannot tell which questions were answered already and which were not (question should move into an "answered" folder or something, should not have to look for own name or answer in list) -organization is very undeveloped. Even the professors find it difficult to use this. Again, so easy to fix. -improve design of flipping through questions. - no landscape mode -glitches, stops responding often for both students and professors

Alright, but needs some work

You should be able to see when a question is due. Also, there should be a way that you can see the right answer AND your answer at the same time, instead of going back and forth between gradebook and the question.

Waste of $20.00

Poor app . I lost bonus points because this app wouldnt load . College professors should stop using it .

A kind of Robbery

I have to pay $20+ to enroll into a course.

Really easy to use. helpful for class

Really easy to use. helpful for class


Works very well alongside the lecture material.

Glad my professor used this

I usually fade out by the halfway point of class but this worked pretty well and made going to class a lot more fun than when I have to go to other classes that are boring.

Awesome support team

Ive been using top hat for three months, and its really user-friendly. Today I experienced a tiny glitch when submitting an answer to a quick-add question. Within minutes of emailing the support team, my issue was resolved. Theyre really in top of things. Thanks top hat team :-)

Pretty good app.

This app is very convenient for university students. With this app, I dont even have to bring my laptop to class more

Good learning tool

This is a good learning tool, specifically its ability to track participation.

Very helpful

Its a very innovative way to engage students to participate in class. I like it better than clickers.

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